Support for social entrepreneurship

Support for social entrepreneurship

Thematic Guide #4: Support for social entrepreneurship


How does social entrepreneurship contribute to the development of more sustainable models of society? 


By responding to social problems that are insufficiently or not at all addressed, Social Entrepreneurship contributes to the development of more sustainable models of society with greater solidarity and forges an inclusive vision of society. This synthesis evokes initiatives and solutions that already exist, and explores the many levers of action to support actors in the field. It will enrich and support the work carried out by the members of the PACT FOR IMPACT Alliance to produce 100 concrete commitments for a more inclusive economy that supports social and inclusive entrepreneurship.



« I strongly believe that social entrepreneurship ecosystems should be strengthened everywhere, in rural areas as well as in urban areas. These ecosystems need to be empowered by local capacities, resources and vision and must be led through a system of flat governance. Social Entrepreneurs and local governments should build policies and development programs in partnership. More particularly, I think South-South partnerships are needed to accelerate change through the development of local networks and the sharing of common interests and perspectives. These processes will help the transition towards more sustainable ecosystems and ultimately a more sustainable world. »​

Jeroo BillimoriaFounder of Catalyst 2030 



Challenges and levers to support social entrepreneurship  


By acting as a lever for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, social entrepreneurship complements existing policies and initiatives while having a positive impact on employment.  

This summary recalls the challenges in supporting entrepreneurship and proposes 6 levers of action


  • Establishment of a specific legal and regulatory framework;
  • Access to finance;
  • Access to public and private markets;
  • Cooperation and networking;
  • Tools for measuring social impact;
  • Development of a culture of social entrepreneurship. 



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Call to contribution



The Pact For Impact Alliance is launching a form to identify innovative initiatives!  This form is intended to source innovative initiatives on the challenges outlined in our thematic guides.


This form will enable us to recognize the expertise of Pact for Impact members in order to include them in the production of our 100 commitments for the end of 2021.


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In order to facilitate connections between actors on these subjects of general interest, a map has been created by Pact for Impact. It brings together actors and events from the Social Solidarity Economy and Inclusive Business in order to highlight their diversity and complementarity.


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