Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Thematic guide #3: SSE and Gender Equality


How does SSE contribute to gender equality? 


Through their governance, their different fields of action, their concrete and innovative solutions, SSE structures embody and propose models that forge an inclusive vision of society. This synthesis evokes initiatives and solutions that already exist, and explores the many levers of action to support actors in the field. It will enrich and support the work carried out by the members of the PACT FOR IMPACT Alliance to produce 100 concrete commitments for a more inclusive economy that participates in the fight for gender equality.  



« In Africa in general, women’s groups have been able to maintain and sometimes increase their income through activities related to the management of the pandemic. These approaches, which are typical of a social economy, have enabled many households to maintain fairly livable conditions. The question raised by this guide is that of including gender perspectives in the social and solidarity economy in order to serve as an example for gender equality and as a driving force for other sectors of the economy. « 


Pauline Effa, NGO PFAC, sponsor of the Women and Youth for Social and Solidarity Economy initiative  




What place for women in the SSE sector?






Levers of action to enable public authorities to act in favour of gender equality by supporting the SSE 


Achieving the goal of gender equality requires a profound transformation of our societies and ways of living together. It requires a real alignment of all stakeholders around the common ambition to build an egalitarian, inclusive and diversity-friendly society.  


While the construction of this common vision is underway, it requires an approach that is both cross-cutting and co-constructed with everyone: 


  • A cross-cutting approach: Gender inequality is a global problem, the result of a long historical process of social and cultural construction in our societies.   
  • A co-constructed approach, involving everyone. Achieving the goal of gender equality depends on the mobilisation of all members of society.   


SSE organisations, through their local presence and their intervention in different key sectors of the economy, are well positioned to advance gender equality in the areas of financial inclusion, economic integration, education, health and the fight against climate change. Many are already offering promising solutions for scaling up. 


  • Promoting SSE as a strategy for improving the socio-economic situation of women;
  • Strengthen women’s access to health, and prevent violence;   
  • Integrate gender perspectives in the fight against climate change;   
  • Putting new technologies and research at the service of social innovation for gender equality.



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