Together, let’s place the Social and Inclusive Economy at the heart of the international agenda!


These models mobilize companies to balance their economic performance and social and environmental impact, promote ethical finance, and foster citizen engagement.


Through new alliances forged with public and private actors as well as civil society, these companies and other agents of this social economy now have the power to change the world!

Pact for Impact aims to create a Global Alliance to promote and strengthen the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE), the Inclusive Economy, its companies, and all stakeholders of social innovation.


Social, solidarity, and inclusive economic models are answers to our changing world, offering sustainable growth and innovative solutions to meet the challenges facing our planet and its territories!

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  • 1 World Summit

  • 17 SDGs

  • 400 participants


The first international Pact for Impact summit took place on July 10th and 11th 2019 in Paris.

It brought together more than 500 participants from 50 countries – delegations from states and governments, international institutions, local authorities, foundations, cooperatives and actors of the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE), companies, accelerator networks and social entrepreneurs – all committed to meeting the major challenges of our century.

It mobilised nearly 70 experts from around the world, key witnesses of the inspiring social and environmental innovations of recent years that aim to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

From this first Summit emerged a common ambition in the form of a Manifesto: to create together a roadmap for a new, more inclusive and sustainable global economy.

To implement this ambition, the Summit participants identified the need for transparent and participatory governance through the establishment of a Permanent Secretariat, as well as the need to propose avenues of engagement on common themes.

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Review of the Roadmap 2021 presentation event

Review of the Roadmap 2021 presentation event

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French Side-event Pact for Impact - High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development July 2020

French Side-event Pact for Impact - High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development July 2020

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