Together, let’s place the Social and Inclusive Economy at the heart of the international agenda!


These models mobilize companies to balance their economic performance and social and environmental impact, promote ethical finance, and foster citizen engagement.


Through new alliances forged with public and private actors as well as civil society, these companies and other agents of this social economy now have the power to change the world!

Pact for Impact aims to create a Global Alliance to promote and strengthen the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE), the Inclusive Economy, its companies, and all stakeholders of social innovation.


Social, solidarity, and inclusive economic models are answers to our changing world, offering sustainable growth and innovative solutions to meet the challenges facing our planet and its territories!

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  • 48 hours

  • 17 SDGs

  • 400 participants


The first international Pact for Impact – SUMMIT will be held on 10 and 11 July 2019 in Paris.

This summit will host government delegations, international organisations, local authorities, and actors committed to fostering Social and Inclusive Economy. World experts, speakers with inspiring success stories, local actors from all over the world, and public and private partners committed to meeting the challenges of our century will also attend.


On the 10th and 11th of July 2019, more than 400 of us will committed to achieving Sustainable Development Objectives having as an inspiration the values of the Social and Solidarity Economy will be present. This is a concrete Alliance, with every stakeholder working towards a common goal: collectively designing a roadmap for a new global economy.

  • Day 1: Pact for Impact

    4 plenary sessions and 1 pitch-evening to share a vision on impactful projects around the globe:


    1| 2030 Agenda: no Sustainable Development Goals without the Social and Inclusive Economy!

    2| And what if local was the solution? Social and Inclusive Economy at the level of territories.

    3| Can Impact investing provide for a revolution of the traditional economy?

    4| SSE, inclusive business, social business: what alliances can build tomorrows’ economy?

    5| Evening reception: Tech for good or Goodbye tech?

  • Day 1: Pact for Impact
  • Day 2: Join the Pact
  • Day 2: Join the Pact

    4 workshops to motivate governments, partners, and localities to encourage SSE and Inclusive Economy actors:


    1| Pact for Impact: a global Alliance for Social and Inclusive Economy.

    2| Which institutional framework for Social and Inclusive Economy?

    3| Youth & Education: how to become actors of change and social innovation?

    4| Measuring social and environnemental impact: myth or reality?


    … and a special focus:

    Financing Social and Inclusive Economy : Creating Wealth, Making Sense, Building our Future.


    | Closing ceremony |

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Pact for Impact : high patronage and G7 label!

Pact for Impact : high patronage and G7 label!

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| PROGRAMME | #Pactforimpact

📆 Pour le 2e jour du #sommet un *Focus Spécial* autour des #financements de l'#Economie #sociale et #inclusive.

Les co-organisateurs :
➡️ @AFD_France
➡️ @fmdv_org

Merci à eux pour leurs contributions !


| PROGRAMME | #Pactforimpact

📆 11 juillet 2019, 2e jour du #sommet.
Atelier 1 : construction et priorités de l'#Alliance mondiale Pact for Impact.

Les co-organisateurs :
➡️ @ESS_France
➡️ @GroupeSOSPulse
Merci à eux pour leurs contributions !


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