2019 – 2023 : The Alliance contributed to the definition of global standards for the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE). The Alliance Secretariat was led by the French government alongside 16 contributing states and 32 networks.


On April 18, 2023, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the resolution « Promoting the Social Solidarity Economy for Sustainable Development » (A/RES/77/281). It provides an official definition of the SSE and recognizes that it can contribute to achieving and localizing the Sustainable Development Goals.

2024: the Alliance aims to promote the adoption of legal frameworks, tools and SSE ecosystems in order to bring about tangible systemic change at national level. The aim is to support initiatives in more than 10 countries by 2030. The Alliance Secretariat is now a not-for-profit organisation.

Together, let’s place the Social and Solidarity Economy at the heart of the international agenda!


« [T]he promise of more sustainable, inclusive local development, the creation and promotion of decent work for all ». This is how the French Secretary of State in charge of SSE and associative life described the social and solidarity economy on December 13 in New York, during a multi-stakeholder meeting between SSE actors (countries, civil society, etc.) at the UN.


As moderator Chantal-Line Carpentier pointed out, achieving the SDGs requires complementary economic models that are more sustainable, inclusive and responsible. These are challenges that social and inclusive innovation can meet. The challenge of this event was then to define how an international recognition of SSE can help achieve the SDGs through social and inclusive innovation.


Marlène Schiappa took the opportunity to recall the French legislative commitment since the SSE law of 2014 and salute the resilience and virtuous model promoted by SSE, which represents 10% of GDP and 14% of covered jobs in France. The Secretary of State especially supported the need to create international bridges to federate states and civil society around the SSE, share this vision of the economy and the good practices related to it.

It is now towards the possible resolution on the SSE at the UN, supported in particular by France, that the eyes are turned. Marlène Schiappa underlined the work of the Alliance for Impact, announcing that it will continue to mobilize on these subjects in case of adoption.


The interventions constituted a collective call to international cooperation and to the States to seize the subject of the SSE, defending an ambitious and action-oriented resolution, capable of putting « wind in the sails of the SSE ». Such an impetus given to the social and solidarity economy sector is a major challenge to enable it to change scale and better contribute to economic growth but also to play its role as a democratic pillar.

  • 7 States

  • 17 SDGs

  • 600 members


The Pact for Impact international event 2022 took place on March 4th in Paris.

It brought together more than 150 participants, in Paris and on Zoom, from 50 countries – delegations of States, international institutions and local authorities, foundations, cooperatives and actors of the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE), companies, networks of accelerators and social entrepreneurs – all ready to commit to meeting the major challenges of our century.

This event was an opportunity to take stock of the Alliance’s achievements in 2021 and to define its roadmap for the years to come.

The common ambition of the members of the Alliance has resulted in the release of a new Coalition Manifesto. The objective: to have SSE recognised as a major actor in sustainable development at the international level.

To implement this ambition, the participants identified the need to collectively bring a resolution at the UN level in order to have the specificity and the potential of SSE in the development of sustainable growth recognised. 

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The UN adopts a historic resolution for the promotion of the SSE

The UN adopts a historic resolution for the promotion of the SSE

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SSE: the impact of a socio-financial paradigm shift

SSE: the impact of a socio-financial paradigm shift

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