Pact for Impact SUMMIT - Paris 2019

Pact for Impact SUMMIT - Paris 2019

The Pact for Impact – Summit has been held in Paris on the 10th and 11th of July 2019 at the musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac.

This event has encouraged the involvement of businesses and actors of the Social and Inclusive Economy in fostering economic, social, and environmental development around the globe.

This first two-day event has invited participants to partake in:

  • round tables with international delegations and various actors and experts of social and inclusive economy, including sessions that can be attended remotely;
  • workshops on different topics, with the aim of drafting a roadmap and a list of commitments;
  • meetings between international actors.

Day 1: Pact for Impact

4 plenary and 1 pitch-evening to share a vision on impactful projects around the globe:

  • 2030 Agenda: no Sustainable Development Goals without the Social and Inclusive Economy!
  • What if the solution was local? The Social and Inclusive Economy at the level of territories.
  • Can Impact investing provide for a revolution of the traditional economy?
  • SSE, inclusive business, social business: what alliances can build tomorrow’s economy?
  • Evening reception: Tech for Good, or Goodbye Tech?

Day 2: Join the Pact

4 workshops to motivate governments, partners, and localities to encourage SSE and Inclusive Economy actors:

  • Pact for Impact: a global Alliance for Social and Inclusive Economy.
  • Which institutional framework for Social and Inclusive Economy?
  • Youth & Education: how to become actors of change and social innovation?
  • Measuring social and environnemental impact: myth or reality?

… and a special focus:

Financing Social and Inclusive Economy : Creating Wealth, Making Sense, Building our Future.

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