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Muigai-Kamphuis Jane

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Muigai-Kamphuis Jane

Director, The Toolkit iSkills (TTI) Limited | KENYA

Jane is the Founder-Director of The Toolkit iSkills Limited (Formerly The Toolkit Institute Limited). She founded The Toolkit Institute Limited in 2014 to address the crisis of youth unemployment in Kenya, and having noted there existed a profound shortage of skilled labour in the construction, infrastructure, mining and gas among other sectors. Since then, Toolkit has grown to become the leading trainer of youth through its innovative approach that brings together public regulators, public and private trainers with a strong emphasis on current market needs and youth employability. Toolkit is a leading provider of trained artisans and technicians- welders, plumbers, tilers, painters , electricians and mechanics – trained, certified and deployed to various industries. Toolkit uses a unique approach that starts with self esteem through life skills training, then technical skills that are certified by Government regulators, and thirdly offering linkage with industries for work experience and employment.

Jane holds a Masters (LLM) Degree in Human Rights Law from Harvard Law School and a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) Degree from the University of Nairobi. She has 15 years of global experience in the practice and application of international human rights, humanitarian and refugee law with United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in various countries – Kosovo, Sudan, Ghana, Kenya and Switzerland. Jane designed and implemented multiple empowerment projects for youth, women, and refugee communities in various areas including security, basic education, gender empowerment and oversaw Age-Gender-Diversity Mainstreaming. She designed and implemented training programmes, key among them including Training of Trainers (TOT) Curriculum for Camp Management for displaced persons. She also co-authored Camp Management Toolkit, a global tool for NGO, UN and Government officials running refugee and displaced persons camps.Her experience in conflict countries across the world taught her that a large pool of frustrated, unemployed young people provided easy target for recruitment as fighters to fuel conflicts, displace more people and increase social inequalities. This made her to take a bold step of starting Toolkit as a skills innovation to prevent vulnerable youth from joining conflicts, crime, drugs, radicalization and irregular migration. Youths that are skilled, earning a decent income become productive and socially responsible adults who in turn become transformers of their families and communities, thereby reducing social inequalities.