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Le Groupe La Poste, committed to Pact for Impact


Le Groupe La Poste implements actions in the regions, and helps to develop regional appeal, by reinforcing social interaction and providing innovative solutions for territorial ecosystems.


Le Groupe La Poste, is a long-standing partner of SSE stakeholders, and has created an active partnership policy which aims to reduce regional, social and digital divides, and to support the environmental transition, thereby providing a better life for citizens in their regions.

Since 2014, Le Groupe La Poste has therefore brought together 58 social and solidarity economy networks under a ‘Dynamic Alliance’, based on a co-operation charter which aims to identify responses to contemporary needs, generate innovative solutions and co-produce new value chains.

Partners are committed to researching and developing social, societal and technological innovations in the shared interest of all.



By way of example, here are some of the value-generating partnerships developed between La Poste and SSE stakeholders:


  • – 318 partnerships established with non-profit organisations in priority urban neighbourhoods to provide mediation services in 800 post offices, and to provide easy access to postal services for vulnerable people;


  • – 35 SSE Postal points, where postal services are provided on the premises of SSE stakeholders in priority urban neighbourhoods, or by community-run shops to provide social interaction in isolated rural areas;


  • – Banking products and services developed by La Banque Postale in partnership with SSE stakeholders, for people in financial difficulty, providing access to small loans and providing budget management support, and offering solutions to prevent over-indebtedness;


  • – Digital inclusion plan set up in 300 post offices to identify and train vulnerable people who require assistance with digital technologies, in partnership with the Union Nationale des Pimms, We Take Care and Face.