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Arnaud Boulanger's intervention at the update meeting on the UN resolution on SSE on 4 July 2022

On Monday 4th July 2022, the Pact for Impact Alliance organised a webinar to give an update on the current work to bring a draft resolution to the UN for an institutional recognition of SSE at the international level.  


On this occasion, Arnaud Boulanger, the Deputy Head of the Social and Solidarity Economy and Impact Investment (PESSII) of the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, spoke about the momentum on SSE.  


Indeed, he recalled the latest key international milestones on the subject, from the new action plan of the European Commission in December 2021 to the recommendation on SSE and the circular economy of the OECD as well as the resolution adopted by the International Labour Conference last June.  SSE is gaining visibility and political importance thanks to the progressive recognition of its role in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).   


In this regard, Arnaud Boulanger insisted on the potential of SSE to adress contemporary challenges:  


« France believes that the combination of SSE principles, values and practices is a driver of resilience and economic and social progress, in convergence with the SDGs. »  


Finally, he came back to the importance of adopting a resolution on SSE at the United Nations as early as 2022 in order to better define its contours as well as a common understanding to enable the creation of a favourable framework for public policy development.  


Even if a lot remains to be done, Arnaud Boulanger acknowledged the involvement of the actors working on the resolution draft, and in particular the UN Task Force on SSE for the in-depth advocacy they are conducting. 




You can find his full speech here: