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The draft resolution on SSE at the UN coordinated by Pact for Impact

In the continuity of the international Pact for Impact event of last March and the mobilization around the SSE Coalition Manifesto, the Pact for Impact Alliance continues its work to promote SSE at the international level with the ambition to bring a resolution on SSE to the United Nations. This resolution focuses on the recognition of the potential of SSE in the development of sustainable growth and the achievement of the SDGs and will be presented to the UN General Assembly next September for discussion and adoption.


It calls for consideration of SSE’s contribution to the achievement of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and an inclusive, job-rich, resilient and sustainable recovery. The resolution calls for due consideration of SSE in policies, programs and action plans.





Many States have already mobilized around this resolution alongside France and together they will carry this resolution. They are accompanied by the United Nations Task Force on SSE, which is providing its assistance in drafting the text of the resolution and its technical support in the various operational bodies.


The Alliance will continue to ensure a follow-up and facilitation mission of this resolution in the coming months, with the help of the working group it has set up and from the various institutional meetings it is undertaking. The next meeting will be held on May 19 and will bring together the mobilized States to amend the text of the resolution and to set up an action plan for the final statement.