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Covéa, a mutual insurance group supportive of the Social and Inclusive Economy values

Covéa is a French mutual insurance group formed from the merger of three separate French mutual insurance companies GMF, MAAF and MMA and is the leader on the Damage and Liability Insurance market in France. It employs 23,000 people in France and abroad and counts 11,5 policyholders.


Covéa is the first European mutual insurance group. This naturally led the Group to become a partner of the Pact for Impact, which aims to create a Global Alliance to strengthen the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and the Inclusive Economy.


Covéa is also an active member of AMICE, the Association of Mutual Insurers and Insurance Cooperatives in Europe, which promotes Social and Inclusive Economy in the European insurance sector. AMICE is associated to ICMIF, which carries these values at the international level.


Among its economic specificities, mutual groups do not have shareholders to pay. Then, through its policyholders, the Group’s economic output can benefit every actor and the society with the idea of shared progress. To be mutualist allows carrying a long term vision in the management and investment policy.


Beyond these own commitments, Covéa carries many actions in France such as:


Supportive access to goods and services

The Group’s brands have developed for a long time a range of “supportive” offer based on their standard offer. This enables the client to adjust his insurance cover according to the price criteria in priority.


Access to employment

Covéa is mobilized to favor integration:

  • – Covéa is a partner of “Nos quartiers ont du talent”, which promotes equal opportunities. The association helps young graduates, who have a bachelor degree or more and who come from disadvantaged social background, to find a job ;
  • – Covéa signed the « Charte Entreprises et Quartiers ». This charter was driven by the “Fondation Agir contre l’Exclusion”. Companies are committed inter alia toto favoring socially disadvantaged neighbourhoods of the city based in Le Mans Métropole ;
  • – Covéa is a partner of “La Cravate solidaire”, which is an association that foster re-employment by collecting and giving workwear (tailor, suits) and by giving advices and training for job interviews ;
  • – Covéa participated in May 2019 to the “Salon Handicap et Emploi” in order to show its actions as regards the recruitment and continued employment of disabled persons.


Responsible and inclusive purchases

Since 2018 Covéa’s procurement policy takes into account the notion of responsible purchases. This goes with commitments to call on the suitable sector, as well as small local companies etc.