Governance of the Alliance

Governance of the Alliance

Pact for Impact aims to enable the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) and the Inclusive Economy to change scale and structure. To give itself the means to achieve its ambition, the Alliance has set up a Permanent Secretariat.

Today, the Alliance is facing growth challenges, namely:

• To create an efficient structure for sharing knowledge while promoting the diversity and complementarity of models;
• To raise awareness on the issues and levers of development of the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) and the Inclusive Economy;
• Formalise a panel of key commitments that can be appropriated by the members;
• Expand and perpetuate the Alliance in order to ensure its influence and relevance at the global level;

To meet these challenges, three thematic working groups have been launched :


“Governance, Structuring, Financing » in charge of structuring the governance of the Alliance, as well as defining a strategy for developing partnerships and seeking financing.


« Thematic Roadmap, Commitments » in charge of building a shared vision of the issues on each thematic programme, proposing concrete commitments and monitoring their implementation.


“Mobilisation and Communication » in charge of defining and implementing Pact for Impact’s communication strategy to grow the community of members and relay the call for commitments on the different thematic programmes.